The mission of the Washington State Militia was set up by the founding fathers in the establishment of our country. While controversial today, we have come to the conclusion that the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the United States is a right of the people. We believe that for the security of our free state of Washington, we have the right to create an armed civilian militia independent from government control. For years now, we have watched our state and country slip into a state of tyranny. Not only has there been unconstitutional policies, laws, acts and tactics being implemented by the government on the people, a long list of government agencies and military organizations have also been established illegally.


We came to the realization of creating Second Amendment Militias after a failure by our elected officials and government agencies around the country to respond back to us or recognize our rights and grievances. Many of us believe the "Militia" that is outlined in the Constitution of the United States is actually one single one made up of all the American Citizens and residents of the State of Washington.  However, the Federal Government  it different ones. Today, that has been broken down into the Washington National Guard and the Washington State Militia.